9 Easy Ways to Reduce Water Retention

Reduce Water Retention

About 70% of the human body comprises of water which is found inside and outside body's cells. For instance, blood is mostly made up of water just like organs and muscles. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water is essential. However, your body also has the ability to "trap" excess fluid in the body. This is called fluid retention. It occurs in t

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6 Reasons Behind Water Weight and Tips to Reverse It

Water Weight and Tips to Reverse It

Stepping on the scale to check your weight isn't something you like to do, but it's essential for weight management. The scale shows you have put on a few pounds, but you don't really know how it happened. To a vast majority of people, it's difficult to differentiate fat and water weight. If the weight gain occurred over a few days to a few weeks,

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Top Foods to Reverse Your Water Retention You Were Searching For

Foods to Reverse Your Water Retention

Water retention can be defined as an abnormal retention of fluid in the body. This excessive fluid is stored in various parts like body tissues, circulatory system, or cavities. Water retention is not really regarded as a serious medical issue; however, it can cause a lot of trouble for an individual. It can result in swelling of the body parts lik

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Is Water Retention Preventing You from Losing Weight?

Water Retention Preventing

Have you ever stepped on the scale twice during the day and noticed it showed different weight? Or maybe you wanted to check your weight two days in a row and noticed it’s somehow changed, but you know you couldn’t have lost or gained that weight during that timeframe. Millions of people face the same problem – water retention. Besides making

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8 Best Ways to Alleviate Water Retention During your Periods

Water Retention During your Periods

Periods are not a pleasant experience for any lady. No one likes to go through seven straight days of continuous bleeding and intense lower abdominal pain. However, periods are a physiological response of the body to eliminate the unfertilized ovum as well as the toxic and waste substances from the uterus. Hence, in other words, periods are a healt

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Food for Edema: 11 Foods That Removes Water Retention

Food for Edema

Water retention is a very serious condition if left unattended. A big risk of having too much water retained in your body is an illness called edema which causes swelling in the arms, hands, ankles, legs, and feet. It is usually caused by a side-effect of medication, pregnancy, or illnesses such as liver cirrhosis, heart failure, and kidney disease

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Are You Aware of Lymphedema and How Can it Harms You?


In the following article, we will explain why it is essential to regularly check for any swelling in your arms or legs after you have gone through breast surgery. The swelling in the arms or legs might be the first sign that indicates the presence of lymphedema, a very serious condition which usually occurs in women, after breast cancer surgery due

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Rip Off Water Retention in the Body Naturally – Know How

Rip Off Water Retention

Water Retention is one of the most common problems in the world for the human body. This is a natural mechanism of the human body to store water and ion. People do exercises and cardio but still they have the mask of the fat on the abs. The potassium and sodium are the most common ions stored in the human body. But it is not difficult to rip off th

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How to Manage and Diagnose Edema?

Manage and Diagnose Edema

The word edema means swelling and refers to a medical condition which usually causes swelling of the arms and legs. This swelling can be slightly painful, and people usually experience a feeling of heaviness and pressure in the swollen limbs. The causes of edema range from mild and temporary water retention to allergic reactions and serious disease

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10 Overnight Tips to Cure Bloating & Help You Feel Better

Tips to Cure Bloating & Help You Feel Better

Do you like the feeling of a bloated tummy? I'm sure you don't, well I don't. I would do anything to prevent that feeling. There are several tricks that can help to cure bloating and help you feel better when you wake up in the morning. Bloating of the stomach can be due to many reasons of which dietary factors are one major contribution. Anothe

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